Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Elderly Woman Without Uterus Gives Birth!

It's not every day that you see a baby's head protruding from a 70-something year old woman's vagina.

Especially if this elderly woman has already had her uterus removed.

I had been caring for this lady for two days and was cleaning her up after a trip to the commode. I stooped over to get a good view of her rear-end to make sure it was really clean and.......

I jumped a few inches when I saw what looked to be a large baby's head crowning at her vagina. It was light pink and had a few tiny blood vessels visible under the surface of the skin. At least there was no hair on it, whew.

I touched it gingerly, and it was firm, but there was no skull bone underneath.

Thank the Lord His Son was not coming as a Babe to a Grandmother this time!

It turns out that this was a part of the woman's bladder protruding through her vagina, as illustrated in the picture above.

In fact, her bladder was hanging even lower than in the illustration: it was suspended between her legs.

As women age, the ligaments the hold the bladder in place loosen and wear-out, allowing the bladder to drop. This can cause bladder infections, retained urine and impaired sexual function.

This prolapsed bladder sure gave me a shock!

Want to see a real-life picture of a Uterine Prolapse that resembles what I saw? ONLY IF YOU ARE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE, click
here. (This picture is fairly graphic, no blood but you do get a full waist-down nude picture of the patient).


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At 17:36, Blogger MattInTO said...

I had a patient who sneezed one time while I was giving her a backrub and I noticed what looked like the tip of an egg pop out of her vagina. I was a brand new student, very wet behind the ears, 1st semester. I quickly excused myself and ran for help. Boy did that catch me off guard. Hehehe.


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